Simple Genius CRM

by Digital Personae.

Simplicity is elegance and in this case incredible money making, record keeping, Customer Relationship Building Software. [No Kidding!]

Increase your productivity and close more sales with our elegant, easy to use CRM software.

Features include:

  • Internet Application runs in the browser,  Standalone Application runs on the desktop. [Using Flash and Air respectively]
  • Built With Adobe Flex Presentation Layer, Ruby Rails with Mysql Server Side for easy maintenance, upgrades and integration.
  • Contact List easy to read last interaction date, next interaction Date, Company, Contact and Phone. 1-Click drills into and displays all contact data and displays all previous interactions ready for 1-click for edit/entry.  Elegant multifield search.
  • Unique Sort and Search Capabilities, simple and extremely functional search form and Advanced Search with multiple filter merge.
  • Easy open email to: contact using your default mail client.
  • Easy Mailing Labels printing.
  • Export via CSV output to file.

Digital Personae can install on your server.   [including data migration, rails install and branding]

Digital Personae can customize Simple Genius CRM for you, after all we built it!

Call or email for more information.

*[Simple Genius CRM is currently configured to require Mysql and ruby rails on the server.]


Try our AIR demo version to see just how easy it is to use Simple Genius CRM right from your Desktop! (Note: Demo version only allows 4 contacts displayed at one time)



Try our demo version to see just how easy it is to use Simple Genius CRM!

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