Retrofitting Sites with Management Consoles

Digital Personae will retrofit your custom site with a management console so you can update your site quickly and easily, responding to changing business circumstances and freeing your web site from lock-in to your vendor.

Below are examples and descriptions of custom site management development that saves these companies time and money on updates to their web site.

Custom XML Managers

Digital Personae can create custom XML managers to allow you to easily manage and update your site.

For this example, we were asked to create a simple interface allowing xml-driven management of daily specials on a client site feature developed by Illinois firm Graphic Insight.

Our “Cupcake Manager” demonstrates a custom integration with an existing architecture and a fool proof interface designed to make content management a breeze!

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MovieBlurbs Admnistrative Interface

Katy needed a way to update her site with data from multiple sources while keeping it simple.

Digital Personae created a Flex/Flash management console so Katy could manage all aspects of her site. Training was minimized with built-in help function, a video tutorial and tech support as needed.

The client has been using the management console for a year without issue and plans to expand the site functionality with voice and video as soon as possible.

NYCShuttle Management Console and Dashboard

NYCShuttle began managing manifest, schedules, buses and routes on paper. Digital Personae helped them recognize the gains that could be realized by using a database to track and update the rider and web site automatically. Digital Personae helped NYCShuttle data entry personnel while their management console was in the build stage.

David has been using the management console for three years as they have increased revenues and decreased staffing costs each year.

Digital Personae is in the process of integrating a new Dashboard console to allow riders, npack buyers and charters to manage their own tickets, further decreasing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Updater

Oliver needed to update his custom sites quickly and simply, allowing him to focus on the content and not the process of updating.

Digital Personae created a one page solution that allowed the editor to update multiple sites from a single interface without needing to understand the underlying complexity and file structures.